Certified Personal Trainer


Coaching Services

I have every athlete fill out a questionnaire outlining your goals, current fitness level, strengths, weaknesses, time for training, days you can train and more. After reviewing, I schedule a meeting with you to go over your goals and information. Gathering information from you and analyzing your questionnaire allows me to develop the optimal training plan for you. Your training plan is delivered to you via TrainingPeaks.com. After you complete a workout, you upload your data or enter your workout in TrainingPeaks.com. I am based in the Denver metro area and if you are local, the meeting is in person. If you are remote, the meeting can be over the phone, Google Chat or Skype.

Customized TraininG PLAN

  • Plan designed and adjusted based on your schedule
  • Custom plan delivered via TrainingPeaks.com
  • Detailed description of workouts
  • Workout feedback and review
  • Event planning building up to your A race
  • Unlimited email and phone access
  • Adjustments based on your logging and feedback
  • Training Peaks Annual Training Plan if applicable
  • Race strategy guidance
  • Technique guidance
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Taper plan
  • Free initial consultation
  • Premium TrainingPeaks.com Account

Premium Account gives you additional features above basic:

- Access to dashboard (graphs/review/analysis of data)

- View of annual training plan

- Entry of future events/plans

- View of interval/split data

- Ability to move workouts around based on schedule