Certified Personal Trainer

First time 1/2 Ironman finisher
I have to say that I always look forward to Karen's e-mails.  She is such a great coach and always make me feel like I can do more than I think I can. She has been such a great cheerleader and mentor. I'm so happy that I signed up with her this year. Tatiana, first time ½ Ironman finisher
COMPETITIVE AGE GROUPER and USAT Nationals participant
Coach Karen is awesome! In my first year of training, she helped me get from a triathlon newbie to a competitive age grouper! With her help, I qualified for USAT Olympic Nationals. She helped me develop many fundamental skills in all three disciplines which improved me all around. What really sets Karen's coaching apart is her ability to look at your numbers and help you adjust your training plan based on your goals. I got great results!  Pete, Competitive Age Grouper
USAT AGE Group Nationals QUALIFier and HonoRable mention 2013 USAT Rankings
I started training after the season started, and had not run for months due to a knee injury. I figured I would spend all summer getting back in shape, but Karen coached me to a sprint-distance age-group win in about 6 weeks! We continued the training plans, I did more sprints.  Karen was critical in helping me get over a few setbacks, then set me up for an end-of-season Olympic distance age-group win.  I could not believe how much progress we made over the summer - and Karen made the whole process fun, interesting and rewarding! I'm looking forward to training next year with Coach Karen! Robin, 1st place Sprint and 1st place Olympic podium finisher and USAT Nationals Qualifier, USAT 2013 Honorable Mention Ranked
Sprint FIRST PLACE Finisher
I am doing so much better this year thanks to Karen’s coaching.  It has made such a difference!  I’ve been able to reduce my running pace by a minute per mile, not to mention reduce over ten minutes on my Olympic distance biking!  I’m not one of those crazy wild woman iron women (yet) but she always takes coaching me just as seriously as other more experienced distance triathletes.  Karen’s expertise, guidance, support and encouragement are all wonderful.  She truly gives the personal touch, as exemplified by her coming to my races! Sarah,Sprint 1st place finisher
First Time Ironman Finisher

Karen did a fantastic job coaching me through my first Ironman. She listened carefully to my goals and put together a plan that allowed me to exceed my target goal while still allowing me to spend quality time with my family. The workouts that Karen put together for me were very focused and allowed me to drastically improve my fitness and endurance with targeted drills. The results were proof to me that quality training is clearly superior to quantity. In addition, she provided a great deal of variety to the schedule which helped ease the monotony and keep me motivated. I was most impressed with the way that Karen took the time to study the results of each workout. From this, she was able to provide me with great feedback on my progress as well as identify areas of my training that needed extra work. Karen has a great and relaxed motivational style that encourages me keep going and makes me want to improve. Her motivation helped me through the rough workouts. Now it's time to start working towards number two. Troy, Texas Ironman Finisher.

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I asked Coach Karen to help me with cycling and nutrition for 70.3 Worlds. Las Vegas meant heat and hills. She roke long rolling hills with me during the heat giving me advice on the way. With the training of Kare, I remembered to eat/hydrate and got through the brutal ride.Lena, 70.3 World finisher